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----- (Generation IV)

Bulbapedia also has an article about .
----- is a glitch Pokémon in the core series Generation IV games.

The index number of this glitch Pokémon is 0. In the party ----- may not register as a selectable entry. This glitch Pokémon may have a different nickname in battle, such as a name with many blank spaces.

How to see it

There are two known ways to see this glitch Pokémon without cheating.

These methods include the Double Battle ----- glitch in Japanese Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and through the Pomeg glitch if the player fights an Elite Four member, a Battleground trainer or Seven Stars Restaurant trainer with no conscious Pokémon.

In the Double Battle ----- glitch, the player attempts to enter a Double Battle with a fainted Pokémon and a non-fainted Pokémon or two fainted Pokémon followed by an Egg and a non-fainted Pokémon.

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