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AreaDex/GS:13824 (0x3600)

Map 0x3600 is a glitch map in English Pokémon Gold and Silver. Entering it appears to load the map momentarily, before activating the credits twice.

To access it, set addresses DA00 and DA01 to 0x36 and 0x00 respectively in the Cherrygrove City Pokémon Center and then go up and down the stairs.


Entering map 0x3600 with the Cherrygrove City Pokémon Center stairs method gives you an invisible message. Scrolling through it gives you the sound effect for registering a contact in the Pokégear (and in fact some of the data around the region for registered phone numbers is corrupted) and then triggers the credits.

After triggering the credits one time, the game goes and does it again. Unfortunately after the second credits the game may reset in a Glitch Dimension and the corrupted Pokégear data is restored to how it was before the glitch.

[b]YouTube video by PLASMA GER[/b]

TM17 code

Get TM17:

Requires slide Pokémon in slot 3 and Quagsire holding a TM02 with Return as its first move in slot 4):

Box 1: Ap0'déy(female symbol)Pk

Box 2: 'v't'véé'l2h

Box 3: 'd'd2'v9.9't

Box 4: é?2hhhhh

Box 5: h'm(female symbol)(female symbol)

TM17 code:

Requires slide Pokémon in slot 1 and Quagsire holding a TM02 with Return as its first move in slot 2):

Box 1: Apé'm2555

Box 2: ppp0w'vA5

Box 3: éA4p0B'vA

Box 4: é!255555

Box 5: pppéB4x'd
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