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AreaDex/GS:55808 (0xDA00)

Map 0xDA00 is a glitch map in English Pokémon Gold and Silver.


Map 0xDA00 is a very rare case of a glitch map which doesn't freeze the game that also supports wild encounters.

Accessing the glitch map may not work on older emulators such as original versions of VBA (however it may work on VBA-M and VBA rerecording releases) but does work on some emulators and on real hardware.

At map 0xDA00 the player may be able to use a rod at the spot they arrive in to find wild Pokémon (possibly at over Level 100) that vary based on the rod used (and possibly the time of day). If the player isn't placed there, then there may be a similar spot for encountering Pokémon that the player can walk to (which may or may not require walk through walls).

These wild Pokémon include Umbreon (Super Rod), Hypno (Super Rod), Bulbasaur [clarification needed], ????? (FF) (Old Rod), Jigglypuff (Good Rod), Corsola (Good Rod), Staryu (Good Rod), Ho-Oh (Old Rod) and Jolteon (Old Rod) and can be Shiny.

If the player sets up walk through walls, then it may be possible to exit this glitch map and enter a new one which corrupts the player's name to have many 9s in it.[clarification needed]


Map 0xDA00 can be accessed by entering the following GameShark codes at the first floor of Cherrygrove City Pokémon Center and then going up and down the stairs.

  • 01DA00DA
  • 010001DA

    Alternatively the player can modify addresses DA00 and DA01 with arbitrary code execution (such as via a wrong pocket TM set up with Coin Case glitch), and then follow the same steps.

    The border tiles of this glitch map vary from save file to save file and it is not currently known what controls them.

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