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Town Map name: ROCK TUNNEL

Identifier (HEX) E7

Identifier (DEC) 231

Default track Cinnabar Island

Tileset Unknown

Size Unknown

Map type [[Redirection glitch map]]
Semi-[[freeze glitch map]]

Map 0xFA in English Pokémon Red and Blue is a freeze glitch map which may appear with a glitch Town Map, such as name "9Q" or a blank name. It is located on the Town Map in the sea relatively close to the east of Route 12.


Upon entering the map, the game will switch to invalid sound bank 06 (value of C0EF, C0F0). Map 0xFA has a map script pointer (value of D36E-D36F) value of address A000 in SRAM.

If accessed as the south connection from Viridian City, with the map script pointer and sound bank patched out using the following codes, then there may be behavior that varies but commonly with the particle animation from Red pushing a boulder.

Sometimes a 'tap' sound effect will play, after which a battle will be partially started (with GlitchDex/RB:000) otherwise the value stored at CFD8. Other times the game may freeze with a black screen.

  • 01FA7CD3
  • 017A6ED3
  • 01006FD3
  • 0102EFC0
  • 0102F0C0