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Blank name glitch

The blank name glitch is an application of Super Glitch for Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow.

It allows for the player to obtain a name that appears to be blank.

Steps in Red and Blue

1) Level up a 4h (hex
to Level 24 at the Celadon Mansion safe spot. Replace the second move with Super Glitch (hex:BE)

2) Deposit every Pokémon in the PC except ゥL ゥM 4. From now on, do not open the Start menu.

3) Enter a battle and choose Fight. If all attacks underneath the first move are hidden, you've triggered the glitch. If other attacks under the first move are visible, you need to press B and enter the fight menu again until they become invisible.

4) Run from the battle.

5) You now have 25 Pokémon and your name has become blank.

The game will freeze if you enter the Pokémon menu because there is no Pokémon with an index number of FF to terminate the list. However, a side effect of this glitch is that the ID of the second Pokémon decreases every four steps.

To make the Pokémon menu accessible

6) Walk 104 steps and the ID of the second Pokémon will underflow from 00 to 255 (Cancel).

7) Enter a Pokémon Center and keep depositing Pokémon underneath the Cancel until you have just one Pokémon and the Cancel Pokémon.

8) Deposit the first Pokémon and withdraw whatever Pokémon you like.

9) Open the Pokémon menu and swap the first Pokémon with the second Pokémon.

10) Deposit the 4h (hex
into the box and you'll have just your normal Pokémon in the party again.