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CFC4 freeze

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The CFC4 freeze occurs in Pokémon Red and Blue. It does not occur in Pokémon Yellow. If the value of memory address CFC4 is an odd value, it can cause the game to freeze after the conclusion of a battle.

The freeze curiously, can be avoided by performing a glitch that would normally cause it to occur in Diglett's Cave.

The following glitches are known for corrupting CFC4.

  • "Bad CoolTrainers" (see - (move)). Internal coordinates (can be viewed on BGB) for the tile that determines CFC4 in English versions is at Y=5 X=1.
  • Wild appeared! (with 220+ or 0 Pokémon)
  • Other buffer overflow techniques such as Super Glitch
  • During instant encounter infinite chain glitch

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