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Chaotic name

A chaotic name refers to glitch strings in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow and Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal with names that are difficult to predict, and show a degree of randomness.

These may include the following:

  • Strings taken from VRAM, randomized due to VRAM inaccessibility.
  • Strings that are taken by the game searching for terminated 0x50 strings into RAM until the (n)th number is found (the case with examples like - (Generation I move)'s internal name).
  • Strings taken from an area of RAM subject to change.

    Chaotic names may be found on:

  • Glitch moves - Example: - (move), glitch moves with index numbers between 0xA6-0xC3
  • Glitch Trainer class names - Example: Jacred, artificial Trainer classes
  • Glitch items - Example: Hex:00 glitch item in Red/Green (there are no chaotic name glitch items in the English versions)
  • Glitch types (often subject to VRAM inaccessibility) - Example: Hex:1E glitch type in Pokémon Red and Blue
  • Glitch stats - Example: Hex:4F glitch stat in Yellow
  • Glitch preset names

    See also

  • Time Capsule exploit: There is a degree of randomness for some Generation II to Generation I trades for Pokémon not in the table.