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Clu Clu Land

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Clu Clu Land (Japanese: クルクルランド) is a game released by Nintendo, originally released for arcades and as a Nintendo Entertainment System game.

The game involves a female balloon fish known as Bubbles, who must be navigated around a maze while spinning around and around poles (known as Turning Posts) while revealing ingots to solve a puzzle. Bubbles can attack sea urchin enemies who would cause her to lose a life, and must avoid falling into black holes.

3000 point bonus misinformation

This glitch was fixed in the Animal Crossing (Nintendo GameCube) version. It involves a bug in the code that causes the player to obtain 30 points instead of 3000 points. The Cutting Room Floor explains it in more detail.

Trapped Bubbles

It is possible by chance after using a Turning Post for Bubbles to both face a barrier and have one behind her, cornering her. This causes her to become trapped until she loses a life.

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