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Daylight Saving Time exploit

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    The Daylight Saving Time exploit is a time exploit in Pokémon Gold, Pokémon Silver and Pokémon Crystal. In New Bark Town, if the player continuously switches between Daylight Saving Time and standard time contacts are likely to call the player, and at a faster rate than waiting without performing this trick.

    It does not exist in the Japanese versions as they do not feature Daylight Saving Time. It will also not work if the current time is 11:XX (standard time) or 12:XX (DST), as the Daylight Saving Time date change trap would prevent the player from enabling or disabling Daylight Saving Time.


  • The player must have at least set the clock and the time.


  • The player must move to New Bark Town and access their house.
  • Talk to Mom and set the time to Daylight Saving Time or standard time, by choosing 'No' to "Or is this about your money?" and then answering 'Yes' to the next question.
  • Talk to Mum and set the time back to standard time or Daylight Saving Time.
  • Repeat steps two to three.

  • The Daylight Saving Time exploit on Pokeglitch as "Make people call you" (Note that not all of the glitches described on that page are real glitches).