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Pokédex sorting 0x0B is a glitch Pokédex sorting in Pokémon Gold and Silver.


  • Causes arbitrary code execution at region C94C in RAM
  • Has a name with many 9s in it on the sorting list
  • May reset the game in a Glitch Dimension when selected from the sorting list
  • If the Pokédex is closed after viewing its sorting list name, it may result in a Glitch City. D67E (the last Pokédex sorting) may then be replaced with 0xFF and C94C is also corrupted, meaning replicating this effect a second time is harder.

    When accessed with C6D8 method

  • Unknown/cannot be selected

    Glitch City corruption

    The Glitch City corruption mentioned above gives favorable tiles in some locations with permissions which allow the player to walk over them. This includes Tohjo Falls and the Pokémon League Reception Gate that connects to Victory Road.

    [b]YouTube video by PLASMA GER[/b]