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Draining hitpoints animation glitch

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The draining hitpoints animation glitch or HP drain glitch, HP bar oversight is a minor glitch which only exists in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. If the player's Pokémon deals a very large amount of damage on a wild Pokémon (33038 or more through testing with the move Endeavor and an enemy Pokémon with over 33038 HP) the enemy Pokémon will faint without its HP bar draining.


  • A battle situation which is very beneficial for the player, such as a level 100 Kyogre with high HP and six Calm Mind boosts that is about to use Water Spout.

    Kyogre method

  • Encounter a relatively low level Pokémon, ideally one on which the player can land a Super Effective hit, such as Geodude in Granite Cave.
  • Send out Kyogre and make sure that rain has activated and the opponent does not have either Air Lock or Cloud Nine.
  • Get six Calm Mind boosts on Kyogre and ensure that the player has not taken much damage.
  • Use Water Spout and if the damage dealt is enough the opponent will faint without its HP bar draining.

    Dealing exactly 33037 damage

    When ChickasaurusGL tested the move Endeavor on an enemy Pokémon with a hacked amount of HP that was over 33037, dealing exactly 33037 damage caused the HP bar to instantly fall to 0 without any delay. It is unknown if this was only caused by Endeavor and/or the hacking involved, or whether it is actually possible to deal exactly 33037 damage in normal gameplay.

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