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Freeze glitch map

Freeze glitch maps are glitch maps that cannot be explored normally due to freezing the game.

Many of these glitch maps in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow permeate the unused entries in the list of locations by index number in Generation I and in Generation II.

Although the glitch map cannot be explored, it may still be possible to load data from that map, such as its Town Map or Pokégear map name.

Additionally certain glitch maps, 'semi-freeze maps' may only freeze the game under certain conditions, as is the case with Map 0xFE (English Yellow) and Map 0xFE (Japanese Yellow) which requires the data at 0xDC0E in WRAM to be safe.

Freeze glitch maps with pages

  • Map 0x0B
  • Map 0xE7 (English Red/Blue) (without proper set up)
  • Map 0xFA (English Red/Blue)
  • Map 0xFE (English Yellow) (without proper set up)