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????? (00)????? (FC)Generation II glitch Egg (Gold/Silver) (FD)
Please note that some of the data described here may not be fully reliable if it depends on the contents of writable memory, such as RAM; WRAM; SRAM.

Template:GPInfoGenII Tested mainly on Gold Version only.

(FC) (????? FC) is a dual-type Psychic (0x18)/Glitch (0x79) glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Gold and Silver, with an index number of hex:FC (dec:252).

It is part of an unnamed Egg group (0) not used by any valid Pokémon. It shares this trait with ????? (Gold/Silver 00).


By level up

  • Poison Sting (Level 1)
  • Meditate (Level 15)
  • Spore (Level 15)
  • Bubble (Level 80)
  • Sweet Kiss (Level 80)
  • Constrict (Level 80)
  • Barrier (Level 80)
  • DragonBreath (Level 80)

    By TM/HM

  • TM01 DynamicPunch
  • TM05 Roar
  • TM06 Toxic
  • TM07 Zap Cannon
  • TM10 Hidden Power
  • TM14 Blizzard
  • TM17 Protect
  • TM26 Earthquake
  • TM34 Swagger
  • TM41 ThunderPunch
  • TM42 Dream Eater
  • TM50 Nightmare

    (Source: Yuzihax's G/S/C TM/HM list)

    Base stats


    Pokédex entry

    Type effectiveness

    (Data not available)


    1={{GPS|C254 front}}
    {{GNS|Pentamark}} (FE)
    Level 3 →
    2={{GPS|C000 front}}
    {{GNS|Pentamark}} (00)

    1={{GPS|C254 front}}
    {{GNS|Pentamark}} (FE)
    Level 3 →
    2={{GPS|C000 front}}
    {{GNS|Pentamark}} (00)

    These glitch evolutions function differently to Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow, as originally in Generation I it would be possible for two evolutions to take place at once, with a new evolution starting immediately after the old one has finished.

    ????? (FC) must be between Level 18-23 for the evolution into ????? (00) to take place, and if ????? (FC) is raised to Level 24 or higher it appears only the evolution into Ivysaur will occur.

    Methods to obtain

  • Byte shifting via (00) or (FF) (available through stabilizing a bad clone or arbitrary code execution) (e.g. byte shift a total experience of 252 or 64512-64767; unconfirmed).
  • Arbitrary code execution (e.g. through Coin Case arbitrary code execution, wrong pocket TMs, glitch Pokédex categories).


    When the player goes to deposit this Pokémon into a storage box, it may erroneously appear at Level 255 holding an item. Backing out of the menu may cause the game to freeze. This trait is shared with ????? (Gold/Silver FE).

    This behavior does not occur for ????? (Crystal FC) or ????? (Crystal FE).

    Additional sprites

    The front sprites of this glitch Pokémon may be affected based on the location it is encountered, whether an item was used, and the previous enemy battle sprite.

    File:S C254 front cave.png|Sprite of {{GNS|Pentamark}} when it is encountered in a cave. File:S C254 front item.png|Sprite of {{GNS|Pentamark}} after using an item. File:Gen II player front gold.png|{{GNS|Pentamark}} taking the sprite of Pokémon Trainer Cal.