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ゥ ( Z4 (C3)X ゥ- xゥ, (C4)4. . (C5)

X ゥ- xゥ, (also known as X - x), is a dual-type [D030] (0x50)/Normal (0x92)-type glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Yellow.

Its family number is 203.

4h (hex
is the equivalent trade glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Red and Blue.

Methods to obtain

  • Ditto trick (203 Special)
  • Party remaining HP glitch or storage box remaining HP glitch with a remaining HP of 196.
  • Time Capsule exploit (Typhlosion).
  • LOL glitch (0xC4 sub-tile)
  • International fossil conversion glitch with an Attack stat of 196.
  • Equivalent trade of POKéWTRAINER from Pokémon Red and Blue.
  • Arbitrary code execution

    Starting moves

  • Skull Bash
  • Flash
  • Constrict
  • Waterfall



    Pokédex data

    Level-up moves

  • Glitch Move 0x00 (Level 11)
  • Double-Edge (Level 12)
  • Tail Whip (Level 13)
  • Disable (Level 14)
  • Glitch Move 0x00 (Level 40)
  • Glitch Move 0x00 (Level 55)
  • Mega Punch (Level 76)
  • Glitch Move 0x00 (Level 80)
  • Scratch (Level 191)
  • Wrap (Level 255)

    TM/HM moves

  • TM08 Body Slam
  • TM09 Take Down
  • TM10 Double-Edge
  • TM12 Water Gun
  • TM16 Pay Day
  • TM17 Submission
  • TM18 Counter
  • TM20 Rage
  • TM24 Thunderbolt
  • TM29 Psychic
  • TM31 Mimic
  • TM34 Bide
  • TM35 Metronome
  • TM40 Skull Bash
  • TM48 Rock Slide
  • HM01 Cut
  • HM02 Fly

    Base stats


    Time Capsule exploit moves

  • Time Capsule exploit level-up moves: Tackle, Leer, SmokeScreen, Ember, Quick Attack, Swift, Flamethrower

  • Time Capsule exploit TM/HM moves: Headbutt, Roar, Toxic, Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Dig, Double Team, Fire Blast, Swift, Defense Curl, ThunderPunch, Fire Punch, Cut, Strength

  • Time Capsule exploit breeding: Fury Swipes, Submission, Thrash

  • Time Capsule exploit tutoring: Flamethrower

  • Time Capsule exploit prior evolution: Double-Edge (Cyndaquil)