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Z ゥ (E5)9ゥ (E6)ゥ ゥ. (E7)

9ゥ is a dual-type Normal (0x12)/Normal (0x13)-type glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Yellow.

Its family number is 215.

4h (hex
is the equivalent trade glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Red and Blue.

It cannot be caught with the Trainer escape glitch or another means of instant encounter, as a Rocket battle will be initiated instead.

Depending on the data in the memory there may be a high chance that, when switching out to this Pokémon, the game will freeze and glitch music will begin playing. This is usually not a concern when it is the first sent out, but you may want to consider not using this Pokémon if you want to switch to it later. The reason this glitchy behaviour happens is due to problematic data at its back sprite pointer, $FAC9.

The back sprite of this glitch Pokémon can be manipulated, ultimately allowing for a custom sprite. See arbitrary sprites for more information.

Methods to obtain

  • Party remaining HP glitch or storage box remaining HP glitch with a remaining HP of 230.
  • Time Capsule exploit (Sunkern).
  • LOL glitch ("?" character)
  • International fossil conversion glitch with an Attack stat of 230.
  • Equivalent trade of - - (E6) from Pokémon Red and Blue.
  • Arbitrary code execution

    Starting moves

  • Jump Kick
  • TM09
  • TM54
  • Pound



    Pokédex data

    Level-up moves

  • Glitch Move 0x00 (Level 4)
  • Horn Drill (Level 5)
  • Poison Sting (Level 6)
  • Mega Kick (Level 119)
  • Aurora Beam (Level 126)
  • TM45 (Level 184)
  • Wing Attack (Level 195)
  • Glitch Move 0xB1 (Level 205)
  • TM40 (Level 209)
  • Body Slam (Level 234)
  • Body Slam (Level 250)
  • TM01 (Level 251)

    TM/HM moves

  • TM02 Razor Wind
  • TM04 Whirlwind
  • TM09 Take Down
  • TM14 Blizzard
  • TM17 Submission
  • TM18 Counter
  • TM20 Rage
  • TM21 Mega Drain
  • TM24 Thunderbolt
  • TM28 Dig
  • TM29 Psychic
  • TM31 Mimic
  • TM32 Double Team
  • TM33 Reflect
  • TM37 Egg Bomb
  • TM41 Softboiled
  • TM42 Dream Eater
  • TM44 Rest
  • TM46 Psywave
  • TM48 Rock Slide
  • TM49 Tri Attack
  • HM02 Fly
  • HM03 Surf
  • HM05 Flash

    Base stats


    Time Capsule exploit moves

  • Time Capsule exploit level-up moves: Absorb, Growth, Mega Drain
  • Time Capsule exploit TM/HM: Toxic, SolarBeam, Double Team, Rest, Cut, Flash
  • Time Capsule exploit events: Splash (New York City Pokémon Center)