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ゥ♀úÍ 'M (EF)ÙEnem. ゥ♀úÍ (F0)94 &Ò Ä (F1)

ÙEnem. ゥ♀úÍ is a dual-type Fighting/Glitch type glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Red and Blue (Spanish).

ゥ] ó I' is the equivalent trade glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Yellow.

It cannot be caught with the Trainer escape glitch or another means of instant encounter, as a Sabrina battle will be initiated instead.

Its sprites cause a red glitch color layer.

Its name contains the Enem. control character, and as a result its name references itself when on the opponent's side of the field, eventually crashing the game due to having an infinite name.

Methods to obtain

  • Party remaining HP glitch or storage box remaining HP glitch with a remaining HP of 240.
  • International fossil conversion glitch with an Attack stat of 240.
  • Equivalent trade of ゥ] ó I' from Pokémon Yellow.
  • Arbitrary code execution

    Starting moves

  • TM05
  • Swords Dance
  • Aurora Beam
  • Tackle


    No evolutions known

    Pokédex data

    Level-up moves


    TM/HM moves

  • TM05 Mega Kick
  • TM06 Toxic
  • TM07 Horn Drill
  • TM10 Double-Edge
  • TM11 Bubble Beam
  • TM17 Submission
  • TM18 Counter
  • TM19 Seismic Toss
  • TM20 Rage
  • TM25 Thunder
  • TM27 Fissure
  • TM28 Dig
  • TM31 Mimic
  • TM32 Double Team
  • TM33 Reflect
  • TM35 Metronome
  • TM37 Egg Bomb
  • TM38 Fire Blast
  • TM39 Swift
  • TM40 Skull Bash
  • TM41 Softboiled
  • TM43 Sky Attack
  • TM45 Thunder Wave
  • TM46 Psywave
  • TM49 Tri Attack
  • HM04 Strength

    Base stats

    +Base StatsLevel 50 Stat RangeLevel 100 Stat Range
    27 HP62-108164-257
    181 Attack186-232367-460
    33 Defense38-8471-164
    10 Speed15-6125-118
    55 Special60-106115-208
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