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Glitch Pokémon League maps 0x6D-0x70, 0x72-0x75 (Red/Blue)

Town Map name: ROCK TUNNEL

Identifier (HEX) E7

Identifier (DEC) 231

Default track Cinnabar Island

Tileset Unknown

Size Unknown

Map type [[Redirection glitch map]]
Semi-[[freeze glitch map]]

The glitch Pokémon League maps 0x6D-0x70, 0x72-0x75 (Red/Blue) are a group of glitch maps in Pokémon Red and Blue.

These glitch maps may be accessed with the GameShark code 01xx65D3, where the value of xx is the hexadecimal ID of the map, or by modifying the quantity of item 36 in the expanded items pack.

These maps appear identical to glitch Victory Road maps (0x69-0x6B) (Red/Blue) including their freeze and map script pointer of 0x00C6 in the ROM.

However their Town Map location is for the Pokémon League rather than Victory Road.

Map 0x6F

At this map, there is a normally unobtainable Max Elixer, which can be picked up if the player partially loads the map (by modifying address 0xD35E to 0x6F and ensuring the map script pointer at D36E-D36F does not freeze the game) and faces the relevant coordinates at x=0E y=0B (x=14, y=11).