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Glitch Unown 0x84 Trainer (Pokémon Gold and Silver)

This article is incomplete. Please feel free to add any missing information about the subject. It is missing: Index number.

é▶'lé▼ 'lé♂, is a glitch Trainer in Pokémon Gold and Silver that may appear in the Viridian City Trainer House after viewing glitch Unown 0x84 in the Unown Mode.

In order to battle this glitch Trainer it may be necessary to terminate their name with a 0x50 character by modifying the relevant SRAM addresses.


  • Yanma♂ (Level 204): Scary Face, Zap Cannon
  • Girafarig♂ (Level 209): Zap Cannon, Strength
  • Magmar♂ (Level 209): Psybeam, Supersonic
  • Girafarig♂ (Level 216): Strength, Outrage
  • Snubbull♂ (Level 238): Mega Punch
  • Seaking♂ (Level 2): ?

    (All of the moves are currently unknown)