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Glitch Victory Road maps (0x69-0x6B) (Yellow)

Town Map name: ROCK TUNNEL

Identifier (HEX) E7

Identifier (DEC) 231

Default track Cinnabar Island

Tileset Unknown

Size Unknown

Map type [[Redirection glitch map]]
Semi-[[freeze glitch map]]

The Glitch Victory Road maps (0x69-0x6B) are three glitch maps in Pokémon Yellow, with index numbers of 0x69, 0x6A and 0x6B. These maps are all located on Victory Road on the Town Map.

These glitch maps are different to the equivalent glitch maps in Red and Blue.

Attempting to enter one of these glitch maps may load a Glitch City with a normal looking tileset, however the game may freeze after a 'boulder push' animation occurs.

This map has a map script pointer sourced at 0x0000 in the ROM.