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Glitch battle

Glitch battle describes the possible in-battle side effects of glitch Pokémon with bad sprites.

It may also refer to a battle glitched in a different way, such as via the "wild appeared!" glitch.

Glitch battles may involve effects such as the following:

  • Corrupted battle music (see glitch audio)
  • A forced glitch Trainer
  • Corruption of the tiles on the screen
  • A forced battle mode (possibly involving a glitch encounter system)
  • Corrupted option cursor position/player may be prevented from moving the cursor to a certain option
  • Corrupted Poké Ball rolls for the next Poké Ball
  • Game freezes.


  • MissingNo. (regular English Yellow variations)
  • 4 4 (0xBF) (English) (including a glitch encounter system if sent out by a Trainer)
  • 4 4 (0xBF) (French) (including a forced Safari Zone encounter system if sent out by a Trainer)
  • ♀ . (0xC1) (English) (glitch audio)
  • ふイ゙ヂ (0xC1) (Japanese) (effects may differ in v1.1 release in which a glitch Trainer appears that doesn't freeze the game.)
  • 4( h 4 ? (ED) (also French, German, Italian, Spanish Versions) (including glitch audio and a freeze)
  • ₽ (F9) (same family as Yellow MissingNo.)