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Icirrus Gym glitch

Miscellaneous glitches in Pokémon Black and White and

Box change glitch | Icirrus Gym glitch | Liberty Garden Fly glitch | Nacrene Gym bookcase glitch | Nimbasa Gym glitch (Japan only) | Sky Drop glitch | Surf landing glitch | Trick Room glitch

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The Icirrus Gym glitch is a minor glitch in Pokémon Black and White. On the third floor of Icirrus Gym there are a set of tiles surrounded by six ice obstacles. The player is free to move straight through three of these obstacles, which include the middle obstacle on a row of three obstacles to the right, the top-right most obstacle, and the top-left most obstacle on a separate row of obstacles to the left. This allows the player to skip Black Belt Thomas.
  • Youtube Video by Zowayixx.