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(hex:A5) is a glitch item in Pokémon Red and Blue. It is both an unterminated name glitch item and a Rival's effect glitch item.

As it is an unterminated name glitch item, it provides the effects associated with those glitches and allows for glitches such as Yami Shop glitch and LOL glitch.

As a Rival's effect glitch item, this glitch item also provides the ability to clip through walls that are one tile thick, after closing the Pokémon menu with B.

If a 0x50 sub-tile is early enough in the saved screen data, and this glitch item is used outside of battle then this item will act as a healing item that restores 80 HP to one of the user's Pokémon (which removes a copy of this glitch item from the item stack). If used in battle and the same conditions apply (via GameShark code 0150A0C3 or theoretically OAM DMA hijacking), then the game may bring up Professor Oak's message that it isn't the time to use the item.