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ItemDexJP/RG:106 (v1.0)

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(hex:6A) is a glitch item in Pokémon Red and Green v1.0. Its name "ゴールドバッヂ" (GoldBadge) is taken from the unused Japanese list strings, and is not to be confused with the actual MarshBadge (ゴールドバッジ, Gold Badge).

In v1.0 of Pokémon Red and Green, using this glitch item may bring up a Poké Mart with 240 items.

The first 14 items in the list appear to be taken from address 3631 in the ROM. Since the player can access items beyond the expected limit for Poké Mart items, battle data appears as some of the later glitch items encoded as items.

Items 218-221 are the enemy Pokémon's moves, hence using Gold Badge after encountering a Pokémon with Poison Sting (hex:28, the same as Rare Candy) such as Weedle allows the player to buy Rare Candies. Master Balls may appear in the Poké Mart as well.

This glitch item can be used in battle as well. If the mart menu is closed, a turn will be used up and the graphics will be corrupted with the player sprite on the screen.

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