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List of glitch Pokémon

More research is needed for this article.

Reason given: Document more effects of it. Can a Glitch Pokémon evolve if its sprite and name are "stable" enough? Are there many glitch cries available for Glitch Pokémon? List Glitch Type Sprites that could cause interesting effects. Study the causes and effects of the corruption of the PC Pokémon Selection in Fr/Lg. Test again the effect of Pokédex entries of Glitch Pokémon.

This article is a list of glitch Pokémon, with transcribed names.

Feel free to add more glitch Pokémon (of any language) to this list.

The GlitchDex is a more complete index of the English Generation I and II glitch Pokémon and contains images of,the glitch Pokémon's names to cover illegible characters, as well as base stats, types, families (Pokédex numbers), and sample menu sprites.


  • Here is a useful document on the Japanese glitch Pokémon, created by danny. (link)

    Generation I

    English Red/Blue/Yellow

  • Some of the most known include MissingNo., 'M (00)/its Yellow equivalent 3TRAINERPOKé₽ (00), and 'M (FF), also known as "Charizard 'M"/its Yellow equivalent Q (FF). For others, see the GlitchDex.

    Japanese Red/Green/Blue/Yellow

  • アネ゙デパミ゙ (FF) and けつばん (MissingNo.) are examples of infamous Japanese glitch Pokémon. For others, see the GlitchDexJP.

    French Red/Blue/Yellow

  • See the GlitchDexFR.

    German Red/Blue/Yellow

  • See the GlitchDexDE.

    Italian Red/Blue/Yellow

  • See the GlitchDexIT.

    Spanish Red/Blue/Yellow

  • See the GlitchDexES.

    Generation II

    English Gold/Silver

  • ?????
  • Generation II glitch Egg
  • Glitch Unown
  • Variants are listed in the GlitchDex and UnownDex.

    English Crystal

  • ?????
  • Generation II glitch Egg
  • Glitch Unown
  • Variants are listed in the GlitchDex and UnownDex.

    Japanese Gold/Silver Nintendo Space World 1997 demo

  • Includes five glitch Pokémon and glitch Unown. See the GlitchDexJP.

    Japanese Gold/Silver/Crystal

  • See the GlitchDexJP.

    French Gold/Silver/Crystal

  • See the GlitchDexFR.

    German Gold/Silver/Crystal

  • See the GlitchDexDE.

    Italian Gold/Silver/Crystal

  • See the GlitchDexIT.

    Korean Gold/Silver

  • ? (00)
  • ? (FC)
  • 알 (FD)
  • ? (FE)
  • ? (FF)

    Spanish Gold/Silver/Crystal

  • See the GlitchDexES.

    Generation III (DecDex)

    See DecDex

  • Bad Egg
  • 0x0000 glitch Pokémon (Pokémon XD)
  • Bonsly (Pokémon XD glitch Pokémon)
  • Munchlax (Pokémon XD glitch Pokémon)
  • Scrolling beige box
  • ? (glitch Pokémon)
  • - (glitch Pokémon)
  • ?????????? (core series)

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team

  • ?????????? (0x0000)
  • Munchlax (0x01A4)
  • Decoy (0x01A5)
  • Statue (0x01A6)
  • Rayquaza (0x01A7)

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

  • Kecleon
  • Dialga

    (Source: birby100)

    Generation IV

  • ----- (Generation IV)
  • ??? Arceus form
  • Bad Egg
  • Generation IV glitch Egg
  • Generation IV hybrid

    Generation V

  • ----- (Generation V)
  • Bad Egg
  • Generation V glitch Egg
  • Pokéstar Studios opponents (glitch Pokémon)

    Generation VI

  • Eternal Flower Floette
  • Generation VI 724+ glitch Pokémon
  • Generation VI glitch Egg (Mystery Egg, Bad Egg)

    Notes: A placeholder "ピカチュウ♀" (Pikachu ♀) name tag exists in the code in X/Y. It may appear as the nickname for the glitch Pokémon when a entering battle with no Pokémon.No Pokémon PokéTips video

    Generation VII

  • Generation VII 805+ glitch Pokémon
  • Generation VII glitch Egg
  • Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! glitch Pokémon:
  • Invalid Pokémon appearing as both glitch Eggs and glitch Marowak have been documented in videos. More research is needed.

    Notes: Names, types and species names for all (at the time) 807 Pokémon in addition to the original 151 Pokémon and Meltan, Melmetal, are unused in the code of Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!. A few unavailable Pokémon however are mentioned in cameos, including through the "Espeon Set", "Umbreon Set", "Leafeon Set", "Glaceon Set", and "Sylveon Set" clothes.

    Generation VIII

  • Pikachu placeholder glitch Pokémon
  • Eternamax Eternatus (as party Pokémon)

    Notes: Pokémon from past games will not be added due to the planned release of Pokémon HOME.

    See also

  • YOP (Emerald)