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List of natural glitches in Generation I

This article is incomplete. Please feel free to add any missing information about the subject. It is missing: Index number.

This article is an incomplete list of natural glitches in Generation I. Natural glitches are glitches that do not require the exploitation of another glitch to work.

Pokémon Red, Green, Blue, Yellow

Glitch nameGamesExploit/nature
2x2 block encounter glitchesPokémon Red and Blue (English, French, German)Viridian Forest no encounter grass tiles glitch: Disable encounters.

Left-facing shore tile glitch: Encounter unintended Pokémon and Trainers; old man trick; in-game trade shore encounter trick, trade link up shore encounter glitch, fight Safari Zone Pokémon trick.
99 item stack glitchPokémon Red and Blue (English, Japanese),

Yellow (Japanese)
Data corruption: Change badges, break an exit mat, warp.
Activating events while facing the wrong wayPokémon Red, Green, Blue, YellowTalk to people from the wrong side, activate a PC from the wrong side, temporarily destroy objects other than the Card Key (Red, Green, Blue JP)
Amazing ManPokémon Red and BlueUnexpected NPC sprite placement.
Articuno binoculars cry glitchPokémon Red, Green, Blue (Japanese), German BlueArticuno cry audio distortion; make Articuno's cry sound like Nidoking.
Bicycle music hole glitchPokémon Red and BlueHave the Bicycle music play while walking.
Bide fainted Pokémon damage accumulation glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowA glitch involving faulty Bide damage programming (for accumulated Bide damage) for when a Pokémon faints. It can result in a desync in a link battle.
Bide non-damaging move/action damage accumulation glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowA glitch in which Bide damage from the previous attacking move is accumulated even if a specific non-damaging move (such as Conversion) was used.
Bide sprite glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowReveal the sprite of a Pokémon that used Fly or Dig early; cause an animation error after attacking a Pokémon that used Dig with Bide damage.
Bike Shop instant text glitchPokémon Red and BlueTemporarily gain access to instant text until the next menu, Pokémon Center or Yes/No box.
Blaine Super Potion glitchPokémon Red and BlueBlaine can use a Super Potion on his Pokémon even if it has full HP.
Boulder switch glitchPokémon Yellow (Japanese) v1.0, Rev A, Rev BHaving the walking Pikachu stand on any of the boulder switches in Victory Road except for the one on 1F can remove the relevant wall(s) as if the player pushed a boulder on to the switch. Fixed in "Rev 3" and the localizations.
Broken hidden items glitchPokémon Red and Green (Japanese)Hidden items become unobtainable by the Itemfinder, or the Itemfinder detects a hidden item at the wrong place (even if it does not exist); exploit: bring a select few hidden items back by passing over a fossil.
Cable Club escape glitchPokémon Red and Blue, Yellow (not a natural glitch in Yellow)Battle another Trainer's Pokémon outside of the Cable Club; battle a glitch Trainer roster; use another Trainer's glitch Pokémon for item duplication, item conversion or number of items expansion; use another Trainer's name for left-facing shore tile glitch yields; get the Reset button outside the Cable Club.
Cable Club Glitch City transitionPokémon YellowSee a momentary Glitch City/split Cable Club room.
Closed menu Select glitchPokémon Red, Green, Blue (Japanese)(Japanese Red, Green, Blue): Swapping Pokémon and/or moves from on or beyond the end slot and the memory corruptions based on this (e.g. dokokashira door glitch, fossil conversion glitch); (Red/Green v1.0): Partial switch glitch.
Coastal FloodingPokémon Red and BlueIncorrect border tile appearance.
Confusion and Substitute glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowDeal damage to another Pokémon's Substitute when a Pokémon under a Substitute hurts itself in confusion.
Counter glitchesPokémon Red, Blue, Yellow“Counter a healing item” (both the user and foe), the opponent “counter your switch”, counter a selected move which wasn't used one one side and desync a Link Battle.
Cycling Road sign glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowCannot read a sign due to being on the wrong map.
Disappearing NPC glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowMake an NPC disappear by going to another map where they do not exist.
Dual-type damage misinformationPokémon Red, Blue, YellowHave the game give the wrong effectiveness message for a dual-typed Pokémon.
Empty party glitchPokémon Red, Green, Blue (Japanese)Open the Pokémon menu with no Pokémon.
Escape sprite handling glitchPokémon Red, Green, Blue, YellowSee the player's sprite temporarily replaced with a flipped "ABCD" square (or flipped "アイウエ" square in Japanese versions) if not playing in Super Game Boy mode after Teleport, Dig or using an Escape Rope.
Evolve without an evolutionary stonePokémon Red and BlueEvolve Pokémon without an evolutionary stone.
Exp. All glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowAn apparent discrepancy in experience gained by Pokémon with an Exp. All due to the experience being based on one Pokémon rather than all Pokémon.
Freeze top move selection glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowUse the first move automatically even if it has 0 PP, obtain 63 PP on the move with full PP Ups applied, possibly remove a PP Up. (link battle glitch)
Get stuck in a wallPokémon Red, Blue, YellowBecome trapped in a wall and be forced to reset, have the player walk through walls when being guided, have Oak walk through the Pallet Town lady.
Ghost Bicycle glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowPrevent using the Bicycle and Surfing via a Pokémon outside of Cycling Road.
Go on Cycling Road without a BicyclePokémon Red, Blue, YellowEnter Cycling Road without a Bicycle.
Go past the Marowak ghost without a Silph ScopePokémon Red, Blue, YellowSkip obtaining the Silph Scope in Rocket HQ (normally intended to get past the Marowak ghost).
Haze glitchPokémon Red and BlueCause a Pokémon thawed out from the Freeze status to still be unable to move due to a Hyper Beam recharge turn.
Hyper Beam automatic selection glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowUse Hyper Beam twice in a row, obtain 63 PP on Hyper Beam with full PP Ups, remove a PP Up.
Hyper Beam sleep move glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowHave a Pokémon that used Hyper Beam always fall asleep even if it has a status.
Infinite Blaine DoorPokémon Red, Blue, YellowBecome temporarily trapped.
Introduction Nidorino glitchPokémon Red, Green, Blue, YellowUnintended Pokémon cry (Nidorina instead of Nidorino).
Invisible PCPokémon Red and BlueAccess an invisible PC.
Invisible TreePokémon Red and BlueHave a tree reappear, but invisible.
Invulnerability glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowAvoid all damage except possibly from Swift, Transform, Bide(?).
Item jingle skipPokémon Red, Green, Blue (Japanese, English), Yellow (Japanese)Obtain a Full Restore without the obtained sound effect, save some slight time.
Landing on an NPCPokémon Red, Blue, YellowHave Red appear over an NPC.
Leech Seed and Toxic stackingPokémon Red, Blue, YellowHave Leech Seed's damage increase every turn like Toxic.
Level up Transform glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowTemporarily gain back the original moves of a transformed Pokémon that levelled up.
Lift Key above ball glitchPokémon Red and BlueStand on top of the Lift Key item ball in Rocket HQ.
Magikarp salesman glitchPokémon Red, Green, Blue (Japanese)Have 500 Pokédollars taken off you for a Magikarp but not getting the Magikarp.
Minimize and Substitute glitchPokémon Red and BlueCause sprites to change after viewing the status of a Pokémon after the opponent uses Minimize.
Mr. Fuji's house door glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowBe blocked when trying to leave Mr. Fuji's house door.
Mute Fuchsia City or Cerulean CityPokémon Red, Blue, YellowMute Fucshia City or Cerulean City.
Mute the music in the Pokémon LeaguePokémon Red, Blue, YellowMute Blue's room in the Hall of Fame.
NPC binoculars glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowPrevent NPCs from moving by holding down A.
NPC collision bypassing glitchesPokémon Red and BlueHave an NPC ignore collisions with other objects in their movement.
NPC moonwalk glitchPokémon Red and BlueHave an NPC walk backwards.
NPC walking behavior glitchesPokémon Red and BlueLimit an NPC's movement when it moves too far, and eventually make it completely stuck; (in Japanese versions only) trap the player against an NPC; limit an NPC's movement when it is on the right or bottom border of the screen.
Oak's Parcel prevented progress glitchPokémon Red and Green (Japanese), Pokémon Yellow (not a natural glitch)Prevent game progress past Viridian City.
Old man full box glitchPokémon Red, Green, Blue (Japanese)Have the old man fail to catch Weedle due to the full box message.
Partial trapping move Mirror Move link battle glitchPokémon Red and BlueCause Link Battle desyncronization.
Partial trapping move wrong side fainting glitchPokémon Red and Green v1.1Faint the user with more than 0 HP but be able to send it out again with the HP it previously had. Cause Link Battle desyncronization.
Pewter Gym skip glitchPokémon Red and BlueContinue without the first badge; Brock Through Walls.
Pikachu desync glitchPokémon YellowForce Pikachu more than one step away from the player, and not directly following the player.
Pikachu off-screen glitchPokémon YellowPikachu happiness corruption; Pokémon emotion forcing; map corruption; freezing the game; NPC movement manipulation; corruption of a Trainer class and roster from the overworld; sign corruption; arbitrary code execution.
Poké Mart no items sell map corruption glitchPokémon Red, Green, Blue, Yellow (Japanese)Temporarily corrupt the tilemap of a Poké Mart.
Pokémon cloning (Generation I)Pokémon Red, Green, Blue, YellowObtain a copy of an existing Pokémon.
Pokémon switch message glitchHave the incorrect switch message appear, provided the foe gains more HP than it lost before the user switches Pokémon.
Pokémon Tower Pokédex glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowRegister a Pokémon in the Pokédex without it appearing fully.
PP restore glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowRestore PP even when PP is at its maximum (for no effect).
Professor Oak's lab music glitchPokémon Red and BlueHave a simplified, slower version of Professor Oak's lab music play instead of the intended music.
Professor Oak's lab tilemap corruption glitchPokémon Red and BlueMake the player and Blue invisible, causing temporary tile columns to appear when opening the menu.
Psychic/Psywave/Night Shade animation glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowThe row of the top three pixels on the screen do not shake.
Psywave desync glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowDesynchronize a Link Battle.
Recovery move glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowHave Softboiled, Recover or Rest fail.
Reflect/Light Screen stat overflow glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowHave a move freeze the game due to a Pokémon having excessive defensive stat (1024 or 1026) or deal much less damage than it is supposed to for other stats greater than 1023.
Safari Zone exit glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowAccess Glitch Cities
Saffron Gym glitchPokémon Red and Green (Japanese)Obtain the Marsh Badge by losing to Sabrina.
Save A button held glitchPokémon Red, Green, Blue, YellowKeep the start menu up after saving for as long as the A button is held down.
Seafoam Islands glitch text boxesPokémon Red, Green, Blue (Japanese)Display glitch dialog, have the game reset itself, slow down menus.
See a Ghost without a Silph ScopePokémon Red, Blue, YellowIdentify a Silph Scope ghost without the Silph Scope, but have it still act as the Silph Scope ghost.
Selfdestruct and Substitute glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowRemove a Pokémon's sprite, use Selfdestruct or Explosion but not faint.
Silph Co. 11F above lift door glitchPokémon Red and BlueBe blocked when trying to leave the Silph Co.'s 11F.
Silph Co. PC glitchPokémon Red and BlueCreate a Glitch City in Silph Co.
Slot machine glitchA bug that prevents intended behavior for a slot machine wheel in the Celadon Game Corner to stop advancing when a 7 appears on the first wheel or a maximum of four re-rolls is reached.
Special menu Select glitchPokémon Red, Green, Blue (Japanese)Lift glitch, badge describer glitch and the memory corruptions based on this.
SRAM glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowStart a new game with 255 Pokémon; start a new game with Pokémon from the previous save file; start a new game with Pokémon from a corrupted save file.
Stand on a treePokémon Red and BlueStand on top of a cuttable tree.
Stat modification glitchesPokémon Red, Blue, YellowErrors related to how stat bonuses and penalties work together (e.g. badge boosts, using Agility when paralyzed).
Statue behavior glitchPokémon Red and BlueSurf and fish through statues.
Substitute drain move not missing glitchEnglish Pokémon Red, Blue, YellowDrain moves on a Substitute were intended to miss and miss in Japanese versions and Gold/Silver/Crystal, but due to a glitch may not miss in the English versions.
Substitute ¼ HP glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowUse Substitute to faint a Pokémon.
Super effective move AI flawPokémon Red, Blue, YellowHave the foe locked on a non-damaging move.
Surf down glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowSurf through an impassable tile or non-water tile
Surf from a cliffPokémon Red and Green (Japanese)Surf from raised ground, skip the Seafoam Islands boulder puzzle.
Swapping Transform moves glitchPokémon Red and BlueObtain “-” as the first move for CoolTrainer corruption glitches.
Swift miss glitchPokémon Red and Green (JP)The move Swift doesn't always hit in Japanese versions.
Switch PP underflow glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowAuto select a partial trapping move, obtain 63 PP Up on a partial trapping move with full PP Ups applied, remove a PP Up.
Text errorsPokémon Red, Blue, YellowSee unintended typos, formatting errors or localization text errors e.g. an 'evolving Raichu'.
Trade evolution Time Capsule glitchPokémon Red, Blue, Yellow (with a Generation II game)Obtain glitch moves via moves a trade evolution Pokémon learns exclusive to Generation II.
Trainer Card transition screensPokémon Red and BlueHave a glitchy screen show momentarily before opening the Trainer Card on a regular Game Boy (DMG mode).
Trainer escape glitchPokémon Red, Green, Blue, YellowDisable Start and battles, encounter unintended Pokémon and Trainers, access unintended scripts.
Transform PP restore glitchPokémon Red and BlueHave a PP restore item work as if it was restoring an original move's PP rather than the move under Transform.
Trapped in Pokémon Mansion oversightPokémon Red, Blue, YellowBecome blocked in the Pokémon Mansion.
Trapping move and sleep glitchPokémon Red, Blue, YellowMake it never a Pokémon's turn while it is asleep.
Vending machine purchase glitchPokémon Red, Green, Blue, YellowBuy a Soda Pop or Lemonade from a vending machine with less than 300 or 350 Pokédollars but more than 199 Pokédollars.
Walk around with only fainted PokémonPokémon Red and BlueReceive a black out easily; enter a battle and immediately lose (if black out delayed by saving and resetting or with “il” (hex:6D)).
Walk on water through SurfPokémon Red and BlueStand on a water tile.
Walking Pikachu happiness glitchPokémon YellowIncrease Pikachu's happiness quickly and easily.