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Master glitch directory (Generation I)

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Mew exploits

  • List of exploits to obtain Mew

    Natural glitches

  • List of natural glitches in Generation I

    Sub-glitches of arbitrary code execution only

  • Artificial Trainer classes

    Sub-glitches of left-facing shore tile glitch

  • Encounter unintended Pokémon and Trainers
  • MissingNo.
  • Old man trick
  • In-game trade shore encounter glitch
  • Trade link up shore encounter glitch
  • Fight Safari Zone Pokémon glitch

    Sub-glitches of Pikachu off-screen glitch

  • 255 hours glitch
  • "BGLSG" glitch
  • Pikachu off-screen glitch arbitrary code execution
  • Pikachu off-screen glitch happiness manipulation glitch
  • Pikachu off-screen glitch special emotion manipulation glitch
  • Pikachu off-screen glitch Trainer corruption glitch
  • Super Glitch City

    Sub-glitches of statue behavior glitch

  • Fishing in statues
  • Go to Agatha from Lance glitch
  • Surfing in statues

    Sub-glitches of Trainer escape glitch

  • Death-warp
  • Glitch battle effects
  • Facing direction arbitrary code execution
  • Unterminated name glitch Pokémon
  • Glitch trainers
  • Glitch meta-map script activation
  • MissingNo.
  • Viridian Forest F8FF glitch
  • Viridian Forest text box arbitrary code execution
  • Sea Route 21 hex:44 glitch text box
  • Special stat encounter
  • Marowak encounter (Trainer escape glitch)
  • Trick Zone
  • ZZAZZ glitch

    Sub-glitches of item duplication

  • Expanded items pack (dry underflow, regular item underflow)

    Sub-glitches of SRAM glitch

  • 255 Pokémon glitch
  • Expanded items pack

    Sub-glitches of Surf down glitch

  • Bill's Secret Garden
  • Go to Agatha from Lance glitch
  • Grass/rock Surfing glitch
  • Reboard the S.S. Anne glitch

    Sub-glitches of expanded items pack

  • Connection Copier
  • Crazy Warp
  • Glitch items
  • Glitch meta-map script activation
  • Instant Glitch City
  • Map script arbitrary code execution
  • Text pointer manipulation
  • Text pointer manipulation mart buffer overflow glitch (Lucky Wins Again)
  • Text pointer item ball manipulation
  • Unterminated name glitch Pokémon
  • Wrong warping

    Sub-glitches of glitch items

  • Unterminated name glitch item
  • LGFly (and expanded items pack)

    Sub-glitches of unterminated name glitch Pokémon

  • oobLG (and expanded items pack)

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