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Master glitch directory (Generation VI)

This is a list of glitches in Generation VI.

The contributors of Bulbapedia are thanked for many of the entries in this list.

X and Y

  • Backwards sign reading glitch
  • Flabébé cry glitch
  • GTS filter glitch (v1.0)
  • Language icon glitch
  • Lumiose City save glitch (v1.0)
  • Move animation camera clipping glitches
  • >Drasna Aura Sphere glitch
  • >Fire Blast large Pokémon back alley glitch
  • Mystery Egg glitch
  • Pokémon-Amie gift glitch
  • Poké Ball animation glitch (v1.0-v1.2)
  • Poké Radar music glitch
  • Prism Tower fence glitch
  • PSS save glitch
  • Santalune Gym tent glitch
  • Stereo sound glitch
  • Stolen Poké Ball glitch
  • Super Training menu triggering glitch
  • Sylveon Pokédex entry glitch
  • Trainer PR Videos NPC glitch (v1.0-1.1)
  • Vivillon Friend Safari glitch (v1.0-1.2)
  • Wonder Card form glitch
  • Wonder Trade evolution learnset glitch (v1.0-v1.1)

    Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

  • Arbitrary code execution (basehaxx); derivative of Nintendo 3DS firmware exploits
  • Battle Resort Move Tutor glitch
  • Day-Care Lad glitch
  • Disappearing bike glitch
  • Evolving Wailmer Surf glitch
  • Hiker TM70 Flash glitches (French, German)
  • Route 112 Hiker moving glitch
  • Primal Reversion Zoroark glitch
  • Hall of Fame freeze (v1.0-v1.1)

    All versions

  • 3D effect glitch
  • Baton Pass Own Tempo glitch
  • Choice item lock glitch
  • Confusion item activation glitch
  • Friendship Evolution glitch
  • Invalid input glitch
  • Level display glitch
  • Nintendo 3DS firmware exploits>Generation VI 724+ glitch Pokémon>Super Training void effect
  • Pokémon-Amie reaction glitch
  • Pokémon-Amie sprite glitch
  • Pokémon cloning (Generation VI)>Infinite items
  • Pokémon with illegal moves
  • Sky Drop invisible foe glitch
  • Symbiosis Eject Button glitch
  • Type-changing Curse glitch
  • White Herb Contrary O-Power glitch