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MetascriptDex/RB:D5F9 (Route 4)

(↑ Back to the MetascriptDex index) This article details various glitch meta-map scripts on Route 4 in Pokémon Red and Blue.

The script is controlled by memory address D5F9.


Done at position y=0x0A, x=0x59:

  • 0x03: Causes an invisible glitch text box and one channel of the Rival encounter theme to play. Each time the player advances the text box, a cry (similar to or possibly the same as Poliwhirl) will play. Walking lag will occur.
  • 0x04: Walking lag without any corrupted audio or prompts to advance the text.
  • 0x0A: May cause arbitrary code execution at region D7C5 in RAM.
  • 0x0F: May reset the game (not a Glitch Dimension). No known additional side effects.
  • 0x12: May cause screen to flash multiple colors indefinitely

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