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Pal Park name encoding glitch

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    The Pal Park name encoding glitch is a glitch that exists in Generation IV Pokémon games causing specific OT names or nicknames of Pokémon originating from foreign (non-English European) versions of Generation III games to become corrupted when they are transferred to Pal Park.

    This glitch only occurs if the nicknames or OTs have certain characters not primarily used in the English language, such as Á (which would transform into い (hiragana "i")).

    Obtaining a relevant character in a name

    In Generation III characters with grave, acute and circumflex accents, as well as those with a diaeresis or tilde cannot be chosen when naming the player or nicknaming a Pokémon even within game localizations where they are commonly used. Instead, the player can only choose the characters that they would have been able to in the previous generations, with the addition of numbers 1-9 and a few symbols.

    Despite this, in non-English European versions of the Generation III main-series Pokémon games, there are a few default trainer names that have non-English characters, and there are some in-game trainers that trade with the player who have either OT names or nicknames with foreign characters. The programmers apparently forgot about this possibility when programming Pal Park.


    When any Pokémon with certain foreign characters in their nickname or OT name have foreign characters and are transferred to a Generation IV game via Pal Park, they will not be converted properly and will corrupt, changing to certain Japanese kana.

    List of problematic default trainer names

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    CharacterNameGlitched Pal Park name

    List of problematic in-game trainers



    [TODO: Look for FireRed-exclusive Pokémon.]
    LocationPokémonTrainerNicknameGlitched name in Pal ParkNotes
    Route 2Mr. MimeRÚTEOMIMIRつTEO(None)
    Route 5Nidoran♂QUICANIDRÁNNIDRいNOnly in LeafGreen
    Cinnabar IslandSeelGOYOSEELÍNSEELコN(None)

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