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Redirection glitch map

A redirection glitch map is an invalid source glitch map in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow which attempts to immediately send the player to another map when entered.

However, a redirection glitch map may still have a potentially dangerous script (level-script pointer), as is the case with Map FE in English/non-English European and Japanese versions of
  • REDIRECT Template:Yellow which has a level-script pointer of DC0E in RAM and could freeze the game before it attempts to redirect the player.


  • Map 0xE7 (English Red/Blue) — Redirection to Pallet Town. May not occur on a Nintendo GameCube's Game Boy Player.
  • Map 0xFC (English Red/Blue) - Redirection to map 0xE0 if map script pointer effects avoided, but with a freeze
  • Map 0xFE (English Yellow) — Redirection to map 0x99
  • Map 0xFE (Japanese Yellow) — Redirection to Safari Zone gate if no steps are left, or map 0x99