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Scrolling beige box

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The scrolling beige boxes are phenomena in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen as well as Pokémon Emerald in which a glitch Pokémon that appears as a beige box is sent out and scrolls up; looping from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen seemingly infinitely.

The scrolling beige boxes have variable names such as "óË {e Ái", "B óË ÁN" (FireRed/LeafGreen) and "t Ël {é Á ü" (Emerald).

They are believed not to be 'true' glitch Pokémon (as an "óË {e Ái" was found to have an index number of 019C; the same as - (glitch Pokémon)) but manifest as glitchy Pokémon nevertheless.

There are two known methods to encounter a scrolling beige box.

Cheating device activation

The scrolling beige box may appear with an 'always your turn' code.[clarification needed]
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    Shift glitch activation

    If the player uses a healing item on a negative HP Pokémon traded from Pokémon Emerald acquired from the Pomeg glitch to faint all Pokémon in the party, they can send out a scrolling beige box with the following steps.

  • Enter a Trainer battle with all fainted Pokémon.
  • Use a Revive on a Pokémon and attempt to send out this Pokémon.
  • Select 'yes' on the "is about to use [x]" message.
  • Cancel out of the menu with B.
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