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Stealing other Trainer's Pokémon (disambiguation)

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    Steal other Trainer's Pokémon is an effect that lets the player to obtain Pokémon belonging to Trainers in Pokémon battles.

    It is possible by cheating, but there are various glitches that allow the player to do it (not just including arbitrary code execution), including:

    In Generation I

  • Using a closed menu Select glitch: (method for Red/Green)
  • With Japanese Yellow's ♀へん ちぉダグのへた and some of its variations in other languages (all ID 0x7C), such as 'd Ö₽ 'mぅ Ò Ü. Some others, if an unterminated name glitch item can be 'patched' by forcing a 0x50 sub-tile in the battle interface, e.g. with arbitrary code execution.

    In Generation II

  • With wrong pocket TM36 (EN Gold/Silver)

    In Generation III

  • With Roaming Pokémon encounter glitch (international Ruby/Sapphire): Note, non-Battle Tower Pokémon may become Bad Eggs
  • With Super Glitch (Generation III)