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Sticky Hold glitch

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    The Sticky Hold glitch is a glitch which only exists in Generation III.[clarification needed] When performed correctly, the sprite of the enemy Pokémon will remain on the screen with a slightly different palette, even when the next Pokémon is sent out.


  • A Pokémon with no item and one of the moves Thief or Covet.
  • An enemy Pokémon with an item and the Sticky Hold ability.
  • A Pokémon which is strong enough to take down the enemy Pokémon in one hit.
  • Access to a trainer battle.


  • The player must enter a trainer battle, preferably with the Pokémon with Thief or Covet first in their party.
  • Defeat any previous Pokémon if any until the opponent Pokémon with Sticky Hold and an item is sent out.
  • Defeat the opponent Pokémon in one hit by using either Thief or Covet, note that the player's Pokémon needs to have no item.
  • When the opponent Pokémon faints, its sprite will remain on the screen until the battle ends but with a different palette.

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