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Template:ItemInfoGenII TMHM

HM01 is a wrong pocket TM in
  • REDIRECT Template:Crystal. Its description is "Cuts using claws, scythes, etc.".


    HM01 may ask the player whether they want to nickname a Pokémon, and then state that the Pokémon was sent to Bill's PC.

    If the Pokémon is nicknamed, then the nickname will replace the first nickname in slot 1 of the box (even if that Pokémon does not belong to the player). It is not known whether this glitch item will do anything else.

    The ability to nickname any Pokémon is similar to the effects of HM01 in Gold/Silver (but results in a freeze outside of French, German and Korean versions).

    YouTube video

    [b]YouTube video by PLASMA GER[/b]