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기술머신49 (TM49) is a wrong pocket TM in Pokémon Gold and Silver (Korean).


  • Arbitrary code execution of WRAM:D6D2, which maps to stored PC item 5.


    Due to the coincidence of this wrong pocket TM jumping directly to stored PC item 5, no bootstrap setups are needed. Theoretically, the code could be redirected to PC box names, which begins at D952 in these versions, but a way of making viable codes with Hangul is not understood yet.

    There are various codes created with 기술머신49 already. (e.g. completed Pokédex, warp to Safari Zone gate (also useful for accessing Kanto)).

    Some items are difficult to get, but this can be addressed with

    1. The 'Pokégear tuning item'[clarification needed] in the expanded Balls pocket; adjusting the tuning allows for different items (+2 or -2 to the ID each adjustment), with many more available if an odd item ID is swapped in place due to there being no minimum/maximum tuning for these (In the latter code example, this allows the player to enter Kanto early). Care must be taken so that the current Pokédex mode is not corrupted (as many invalid modes freeze the game) and that the Pokégear option is not removed when swapping an item in place.

    2. An item generation code created by YouTuber SM.

    Change PC item 1 quantity

    Great Ball (04) x46 (0x2E)

    TM12 (0xCD) x38 (0x26)

    TM23 (0xD6) x52/53 (0x34+/0x35-)

    TM10 x1

    (Set quantity to 255 and toss is the easiest way to set)

    Change PC item 1 identifier

    (Start from PC item 5)

    Great Ball 수퍼볼(04) x46 (0x2E)

    TM11(CA) x38 (0x26) - obtain from Radio Tower girl

    TM23(D6) x52/53 (0x34+/0x35-) - obtain from Jasmine

    TM10 (0xC9) x1 - Lake of Rage