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Too bad! The trade was canceled! (effect)

For other uses, please see Too bad! The trade was canceled! (disambiguation)

Too bad! The trade was canceled! is an effect in Pokémon Red and Blue in which the text "Too bad! The trade was canceled!" (usually used for cancelling a trade on a game connected to a Link Cable in the Trade Corner) appears, which possibly leads to a glitched trade screen.

The effect can be caused by glitch Trainers, both from regular and artificial Trainer classes, or when trying to force a sound from invalid sound bank 0x01.


1. On ) R 4. (0x33) glitch Trainer (Special stat 251/0xFB)

2. On artificial Trainer class 0x4C, 0x5A:

Example of a glitched trade screen which follows from the aforementioned glitch Trainer:

YouTube demonstration

[b]YouTube video by PLASMA GER[/b]

Resulting trade screen

Selecting any Pokémon from the trade screen may simply result in this message again, possibly with a text box in the wrong place on the screen.

Unfortunately, on all known documented cases, physically connecting a Link Cable does not allow for the player to trade the Pokémon.

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