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Trade link up shore encounter glitch

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The trade link up shore encounter glitch is a derivative glitch of the left-facing shore tile glitch in non-Japanese (including at least the English version) Pokémon Red and Blue.

By choosing to trade with another player and then exiting the Cable Club with the Cable Club blackout glitch before surfing on the left-facing shore tiles (such as on Route 20; east of Cinnabar Island), the player can encounter Pokémon mainly based on the name of the player the user linked with.

The glitch was documented by Pepjin de Vos and researched further by Torchickens (ChickasaurusGL).


The trade link up shore encounter trick allows you to get Pokémon you wouldn't be able to obtain with the old man trick with your own name (the encounters which are based on). Instead, this glitch lets you get Pokémon with another player's name who you link up with, with some unexplained complications.

So for instance, if your name is YELLOW, you normally can't get the fossil and ghost Missingno. with the old man glitch. However, if you linked up to someone called wwwxxyy, (because the w x and y correspond to their index numbers and are in position 3, 5 or 7) you could obtain all three.

When you choose to trade or battle with a player in the Cable Club (bringing up the trade screen or the battle is important), their name is stored in the grass Pokémon data that can be encountered with a left-facing shore tile, similar to how in the old man trick it is the player's name that is stored in the grass Pokémon data.

When you reset the game after bringing up the trade screen or battle screen, then the data is reset back to normal, regardless of whether you traded or not.

But if you exploit the Cable Club escape glitch after viewing the trade screen and exiting, you can exit the Cable Club and keep the name based encounter values.

After performing the Cable Club escape glitch, you can change boxes, then save and reset the game to get the ability to save via the start menu back and use items back. This still keeps the name based encounter values; then you can (fly to Cinnabar) and surf along the Cinnabar Island coast.

The mechanics of this glitch are mainly the same as the old man glitch except with another player's name, i.e.

  • Letter 2 determines the level of the first Pokémon
  • Letter 3 determines the species of the first Pokémon
  • Letter 4 determines the level of the the second Pokémon
  • Letter 5 determines the species of the second Pokémon
  • Letter 6 determines the level of the third Pokémon
  • Letter 7 determines the species of the third Pokémon
  • Letter 8 determines the level of the fourth Pokémon
  • Letter 9 determines the species of the fourth Pokémon
  • Letter 10 determines the level of the fifth Pokémon
  • Letter 11 determines the species of the fifth Pokémon

    For unknown reasons a huge amount of data is written to the rest of the encounter table (and the water encounter rate) with this method, as well as unrelated data that follows.

    The source of the corruption to the rest of the encounter table beyond Pokémon 11 is unknown. In wild grass encounters (which apply to the left-facing shore tile), we can actually encounter 10 Pokémon (though some are the same) - 5 more than what old man trick normally allows us to manipulate, according to DataCrystal's documentation of wild encounters.

    Below is a real example:

    Uncommon battles:
  • Glitch Trainer $FD with 'level' value 0
  • Glitch Trainer $FD with 'level' value FD (x2)

    Rare battles:
  • Kabutops Fossil Missingno. ($B6) level 253
  • Kabutops Fossil Missingno. ($B6) level 182

    Other tricks related to the old man trick:

    1) One can encounter the grass encounter data from a previous location (e.g. the Safari Zone) by last visiting there, flying to Cinnabar Island and surfing along the coast.

    2) When you perform an in-game trade, it means that the grass encounter data is overwritten with 5D 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50. 5D is a control character that prints "TRAINER" - the OT name of every in-game trader. 5D (the grass encounter rate) is overwritten to 00 when you go to Cinnabar Island but is irrelevant for the glitch. The rest of the data means that you always encounter five level 80 (hex:50) Missingno (hex:50) if you perform an in-game trade then surf on the Cinnabar Island coast without updating the encounter data.

    You may encounter Pokémon from the last area as well though via this method, due to only the first eleven bytes of encounter data being overwritten.

    YouTube video

    [b]YouTube video by PLASMA GER[/b]
    [b]YouTube video by PLASMA GER[/b]