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Trainer mutation glitch

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Please note that this glitch only exists in the Japanese versions of the game, or is otherwise a glitch from a Pokémon game which was only released in Japan.

Trainer mutation glitch is a closed menu Select glitch in Pokémon Red, Green, and Pokémon Blue (Japanese).

It allows the player to change what groups of Trainers in a map say, how they turn, and what class they are. If the new 'class' is less than 200 (C8), then they will turn into Pokémon. The player can also change the Pokémon's levels.

Unfortunately the player can't manipulate the species/class of the first Trainer IDs 1-4 in a map unless they have a Pokémon with specific stat experiences (so no 'fresh' Pokémon) but they should be able to manipulate others.

Basic steps

1) Press Select on the 20th item.

2) Exit and go into battle, then swap the 20th Pokémon with a Pokémon of your choice.

3) Without using a warp, go to a Trainer and they should have 'mutated'. Do note that a Trainer's text may freeze the game, and beware of Missingno. in Red/Green.

The game may freeze after the switch with no documented fix.

Technical details

Every Trainer on a map has an ID. This glitch lets you change the Pokémon (or Trainer) and level that a certain Trainer ID is. The ID can be tracked with memory viewer by talking to a Trainer and viewing address CC55, CD4F, or CF0E. As maps have multiple Trainers (and IDs), you can mutate more than one Trainer.

When you switch the Pokémon, you're actually switching the 20th Pokémon with the first. This puts various Pokémon data into unrelated data, and one group causes the Trainer mutation effects.

Original AddressOriginal Address 1 dataDestination AddressDestination Address data
N/AN/AD463Trainer 01 turning data
N/AN/AD464Trainer 01 text
N/AN/AD465Trainer 02 turning data
N/AN/AD466Trainer 02 text
N/AN/AD467Trainer 03 turning data
N/AN/AD468Trainer 03 text
N/AN/AD469Trainer 04 turning data
N/AN/AD46ATrainer 04 text
N/AN/AD46BTrainer 05 turning data
N/AN/AD46CTrainer 05 text
N/AN/AD46DTrainer 06 turning data
N/AN/AD46ETrainer 06 text
D12BSpecies byte 2D46FTrainer 07 turning data
D12CCurrent HP byte 1D470Trainer 07 text
D12DCurrent HP byte 2D471Trainer 08 turning data
D12ELevel (possibly)D472Trainer 08 text
D12FStatus ailmentD473Trainer 09 turning data
D130Type 1D474Trainer 09 text
D131Type 2D475Trainer 10 turning data
D132Catch rateD476Trainer 10 text
D13FAttack experience byte 2D483Pokémon 1 species
D140Defense experience byte 1D484Pokémon 1 level
D141Defense experience byte 2D485Pokémon 2 species
D142Speed experience byte 1D486Pokémon 2 level
D143Speed experience byte 2D487Pokémon 3 species
D144Special experience byte 1D488Pokémon 3 level
D145Special experience byte 2D489Pokémon 4 species
D146Attack & Defense DVD48APokémon 4 level
D147Speed & Special DVD48BPokémon 5 species
D148PP of move 1D48CPokémon 5 level
D149PP of move 2D48DPokémon 6 species
D14APP of move 3D48EPokémon 6 level
D14BPP of move 4D48FPokémon 7 species
D14CPokémon levelD490Pokémon 7 level
D14DMax HP byte 1D491Pokémon 8 species
D14EMax HP byte 2D492Pokémon 8 level
D14FAttack byte 1D493 (unconfirmed)Pokémon 9 species
D150Attack byte 2D494 (unconfirmed)Pokémon 9 level
D151Defense byte 1D495Pokémon 10 species
D152Defense byte 2D496Pokémon 10 level


Let's say you want specific Pokémon for Trainer IDs 02 through to 07 as such.

ID 02: Level 1 Mew ID 03: Level 254 Mewtwo ID 04: Level 5 Articuno ID 05: Level 5 Zapdos ID 06: Level 5 Moltres ID 07: Level 100 Porygon

This would require the following data from address D141:

15 01 83 FE 4A 05 4B 05 49 05 AA 64

And that is:

  • Defense experience is 21 modulo 256.
  • Speed experience is exactly 387.
  • Special experience is 65098.
  • Defense DV is 5, Attack DV is 0.
  • Speed DV is 11, Attack DV is 4.
  • Move 1 PP is 5.
  • Move 2 PP is 73.
  • Move 3 PP is 5.
  • Move 4 PP is 42 w/2(?) PP Ups used.
  • Pokémon is level 100.

    Those requirements are totally unviable for non-cheat play, so it's a proof of concept, but you can get cool results with random Pokémon.

    YouTube video

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