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Unown 0x1F (dec:031) is a glitch Unown in Pokémon Gold and Silver.

This glitch Unown may remove all mail in the mailbox, set the Mystery Gift item to a Lure Ball and enable a glitch Trainer House Trainer.

Other side effects

Shows a badly corrupted Unown listing screen (picture, right). Upon exiting the Unown Mode option is removed and the Pokédex listing is changed. Exiting again may freeze the game with a white screen.

Trainer House Trainer

This glitch trainer is known as CCCCCCR

PokemonSpeciesLevelMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4
1????? (00)0Move 0x00Move 0x00Move 0x00Move 0x00
2????? (00)0Move 0x00Move 0x00Move 0x00Move 0x00
3????? (00)0Move 0x00Move 0x00Move 0x00Move 0x00
4????? (00)0Move 0x00Move 0x00Move 0x00Move 0x00
5????? (00)0Move 0x00PeckPeckPeck
6Kadabra64Move 0x00Move 0x00Move 0x00Move 0x00