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Yami Shop glitch

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    The Yami Shop glitch (Japanese: 闇ショップバグ), which can be interpreted as "Dark Shop" or "Shady Shop" or "Black Market glitch" is a glitch in all Generation I versions.

    It is also known as Strange Mart (in Glitch City Laboratories' ItemDex project) and as shop fishing glitch (Japanese: 店釣りバグ).

    It allows the player to buy items that were never meant to be sold, including glitch items.


    To perform the Yami Shop glitch, the player needs an unterminated name glitch item (also known as a "TMTRAINER" or "Super Glitch item"). This is a glitch item with an internal name that does not have a 0x50 character in its first twenty characters, such as Pokémon Red and Blue's "PC" (hex:80) or Pokémon Yellow's "$ 4 z" (hex:81).

    A list of unterminated name glitch items may be found in this category.

    Identifying an unterminated name glitch item

    Note: Test 1) is dangerous to the save file and has a significant chance of destroying it. It seems this is especially true on the 3DS Virtual Console releases.

    1) The easiest way to check is to see whether the glitch item freezes the game in an area that is not a "safe zone" (area with an early 0x50 sub-tile on the screen, such as a bottom-left corner of a bush tile). If the freeze occurs, then the item is most likely a unterminated name glitch item.

    2) Another way to check is by using an emulator, selecting the item the has Use/Toss with A in a safe zone and then checking the buffer at CD6D (English versions) or CD68 (Japanese versions). If there is no 0x50 in the first twenty characters, then the item is a unterminated name glitch item.

    3) If the player must press A or B multiple times to move the cursor for an item on the screen, then it is possibly a unterminated name glitch item.


    The player must first open one of the menus from start: Pokédex, Pokémon, item, Trainer Card, save, or option in a suitable place with a 0x50 tile on the screen, to update cached screen data and avoid a freeze after trying to sell the item.

    Talk to a vendor, access the SELL menu and try to sell the unterminated name glitch item. Sometimes the vendor will state "Sorry, I can't put a price on this" and the player will be backed out on to the Buy/Sell/Quit list, other times the item can be sold. The BUY menu will become corrupted with glitch items that can be bought for various prices.

    The player can buy Master Balls and other normally non-purchasable items (Pokédex, Oak's Parcel, etc.). Legitimate items that were never meant to be bought will have a price of 0 (like Master Balls).

    The items found in the BUY menu depend on the location that the player previously updated the cached screen data.

    Side effects

    Sometimes, upon closing the Poké Mart menu an encounter with a Pokémon will appear due to the corruption of D059/D058 (D036 in Japanese versions). The only result is Metapod in English versions due to the fact that D059/D058 can seemingly only be corrupted with 7C; a menu tile.

    Other effects include continuous walking on the spot and the music fading out.


    The mechanics of what happens when a unterminated name glitch item is selected or attempted to be sold are essentially the same as "-" corruption but with the item's name being stored into memory instead of -'s random internal name.

    The item's name is stored in the same buffer and copied to the same buffer as "-", however, it is not copied to D0E1 (Red/Blue)/D0E0 (Yellow) buffer unlike other Super Glitch moves.

    The buffer at CD6D (English versions) or CD68 (Japanese versions) is updated with the name of an item when it is selected with A or the player attempts to sell it.

    This data up to the first 0x50 is copied to CF4B (English versions) or CF45 (Japanese versions) and onward.

    If the data does not have a 0x50 in its first twenty characters, then a buffer overflow will occur in which data beyond CD80 (English versions)/CD7B (Japanese versions) is copied and corrupts data from CF5F+ (English versions)/CF59+ (Japanese versions).

    Located at CD81/CD7C (the start of data beyond the twenty byte buffer) is a copy of the screen; hence cached screen data will directly influence what happens when the player tries to select or use a unterminated name glitch item, and a 0x50 tile somewhere in the screen data is normally needed to avoid a freeze. The later the 0x50 tile is, the greater the corruption.

    The glitched Poké Mart items effect is caused when the unterminated name glitch item corrupts CF7B (English versions) or CF62 (Japanese versions) onward; which mark the number of items in the Poké Mart, then the first item, then the second item, and so on.

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