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Cable Club escape glitch

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    The Cable Club escape glitch is a glitch in the first generation of Pokémon games.

    It tricks the game into thinking the player is in the Cable Club while they are not.

    There are two different ways to perform it: the simplest was fixed in Pokémon Yellow, the other works in all games.

    Exclusively to Pokémon Yellow, the poison damage won't be applied while walking.


    The SAVE option will be replaced with a RESET option, as in the Cable Club. The player won't be able to save using the start menu (it is still possible by switching Pokémon boxes). As items can't be used in the Cable Club, the pack cannot be accessed either.

    All encountered Trainers will also be using the same roster as the other Game Boy had when entering the battle / trade (including stats). Note that only the roster is changed, not the AI.


    Poison method (Red/Blue only)

    Requirements :
  • Access to a Cable Club and another Gen I cartridge to link with
  • Only poisoned / fainted Pokémon

    This method is also known as the Cable Club black out glitch. The player must initiate a trade / battle with the other player to copy the other roster into memory. The player doesn't need to complete a trade ; just entering the trade screen is completely fine.

    The player should then walk around until he blacks out due to poison. He will be outside of the Cable Club with the game thinking he is still inside : the glitch is active ! Enjoy.

    Glitch City method (all Generation I games)

    Requirements :
  • Access to a Cable Club and another Gen I cartridge to link with
  • Access to the Safari Zone
  • Optional but heavily recommended to fully use this glitch : A Pokémon knowing Dig

    Activation steps :
  • Enter the Safari Zone gate, pay in and walk until nearly ~50 steps remain
  • Exit the Safari Zone, and as the guy asks you to leave, answer "NO".
  • Don't make a step, save and reset the game
  • Walk south, and answer "NO" to the guy
  • Exit the gate, and go / Fly / Dig / Teleport to a Pokémon Center
  • Enter the Cable Club (either Trading Center or Colosseum)
  • Either view the trade screen, or battle once to copy the opponent's roster into memory
  • When the player has control, walk around until you are warped to the Safari Zone gate
  • WARNING : exiting the gate will bring you to a Glitch City. Entering the Safari Zone again then Digging would prevent this.


    This trick allows to replace a Gym Leader, Elite Four or Champion roster with only weak Pokémon (like a 1 HP poisoned Magikarp knowing only Splash), and that will count as beating the Champion normally. Only the roster is changed, the Trainer AI isn't changed (even if Red's sprite appears).

    It can also be used to encounter Pokémon with an internal ID greater than 200 (which can't be encountered in the wild), but they can't be captured due to the player fighting a Trainer.

    Returning the game to normal

    The player can either save by changing boxes and resetting, or enter once more the Cable Club (they will be immediately taken out due to inactivity, though)

    Video demonstration

    [b]YouTube video by PLASMA GER[/b]