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Pokédex sorting 0xCE is a glitch Pokédex sorting in Pokémon Gold and Silver.


  • Arbitrary code execution at region AF28 in SRAM. SRAM may be locked, resulting in a solid white Glitch Dimension
  • Unknown effect for pressing Select to get to mode selection screen

    When accessed with C6D8 method

  • Pressing A may cause a block to continuously animate (like in an evolution sequence). Leaving it may cause arbitrary code execution at region F6CD in Echo RAM (a copy of D6CD), which cannot be ended with only a ret to return control back to the game. Pressing B while the sprite is animating may cause Bulbasaur's cry to play and then cause arbitrary code execution at region 9007 in VRAM. Exploitation may be difficult due to VRAM inaccessibility.