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Game Boy Advance freeze sound

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Reason given: Document more effects of it. Can a Glitch Pokémon evolve if its sprite and name are "stable" enough? Are there many glitch cries available for Glitch Pokémon? List Glitch Type Sprites that could cause interesting effects. Study the causes and effects of the corruption of the PC Pokémon Selection in Fr/Lg. Test again the effect of Pokédex entries of Glitch Pokémon.

Game Boy Advance freeze sounds are looping glitch sound sequences for Game Boy Advance games that may occur during a freeze or after the cartridge has been pulled out.

These sounds appear to vary from game to game.

YouTube video

  • In Japanese Ruby during Acro Bike instability glitches from the 'return to the ground before Surf's animation finishes' sub-glitch:

    [b]YouTube video by PLASMA GER[/b]
    (at 3:46)

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