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Glitch color layer

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A glitch color layer, also known as a glitch screen is an effect in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow in which a layer of a specific color is added over a glitch Pokémon's sprite and possibly the surrounding area.

Glitch color layers are the effect of a glitch Pokémon with invalid palette attribute data.

Glitch color layers occur when playing Pokémon Red and Blue on Super Game Boy mode, as well as
  • REDIRECT Template:Yellow on Game Boy Color mode (or Super Game Boy mode; which may feature a different glitch color layer) and Pokémon Yellow (Japanese) in Super Game Boy mode.

    Playing the relevant game on another mode (monochrome Game Boy (DMG), Game Boy Color using a palette scheme from the bootstrap ROM, Super Game Boy mode in English/non-English European Yellow) may disable the glitch color layer or replace it with another.

    One example of a glitch Pokémon with a glitch color layer is 4h (hex
    , which has a purple glitch coloration.


  • Blackout
  • Blue (Japanese Yellow)
  • Dark purple and red
  • Purple
  • Red tint

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