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Minus World (Super Mario Bros.)

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The Minus World ("World -1") is an infamous glitch course in Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and is regarded by some as one of the most well-known video games glitches.

It is actually World 36-1 (however 36 is displayed as a blank space) and cannot be beaten in the NES version.

It can be accessed by exploiting a wall clipping glitch at the end of Stage 1-2. The most popular method involves breaking the second and third blocks to the right from the end pipe, but leaving the last block unbroken.

If Mario faces the left and jumps backwards to touch the pipe towards the block, it is possible for him to clip through the wall to the first warp pipe. If he later enters the pipe before the "Welcome to Warp Zone!" message appears, he can enter Stage 36-1.

World -1 is nearly identical to world 7-2, except that upon entering the pipe at the end where Mario is brought to the flagpole, Mario is instead sent back to the beginning, making the level uncompletable. However, if a flagpole is hacked into the level it is possible to proceed to world -2.

This glitch course was later referenced as an Easter egg in the game Super Paper Mario.

A similar glitch course also exists in the Famicom Disk System of the game which can be beaten to progress to World -2 and World -3 before being taken back to the title screen, but the design of this glitch course is very different.

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