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Unown 0x1E (dec:030) is a glitch Unown in Pokémon Gold and Silver.

This glitch Unown may set the number of mail to 70, the Mystery Gift item to Poké Doll, and set a glitch Trainer House Trainer.

Viewing it may restart the game in a black Glitch Dimension.

Trainer House Trainer

This glitch trainer is known as tzx tzx

PokemonSpeciesLevelMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4
1Forretress79999ZAA (0xFD)BiteAurora BeamWrap
2Seel33Low KickSwaggerRolloutForesight
3Forretress31CounterTwineedleAurora BeamIce Punch
4Moltres205Aurora BeamSunny DayHeal BellThrash
6Vulpix37Move 0x00Move 0x00Move 0x00Move 0x00

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