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Walk through walls (disambiguation)

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    Walk through walls (WTW) is an effect that lets the player go through tiles they cannot normally go through.

    It is possible by cheating, but there are various glitches that allow the player to walk through walls, including:

  • Brock Through Walls
  • Rival's effect (or 'Jack' effect)
  • Walk through walls trick (ledge method).
  • Walk through walls trick (museum guy method).
  • Walk through walls trick (Select glitch method).
  • Walk through walls trick (international Select glitch method).
  • F9 box-set trick
  • Arbitrary code execution (possible in both Generation I and Generation II)
    One approach is the following item setup from slot 3; Lemonade x1 TM34 x56 TM05 x201
  • Item name overflow method (see also: map distortion glitch)
  • Map size walk through walls