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Expanded party

An expanded party is a Pokémon party containing more than six Pokémon.

The player can find many glitch Pokémon and unstable hybrid Pokémon in the expanded party.

In Pokémon Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow

An expanded party can be obtained with the SRAM glitch (including from a save file erased with Up+Select+B, which will give the player 255 party Pokémon), Super Glitch, special menu select glitches (by swapping lift destination and Cerulean City badge man entries), and arbitrary code execution.

From the expanded party, it is possible to perform many tasks; such as:

  • Altering items and registered Pokémon in the Pokédex (if a Pokémon is swapped with the 10th).
  • Digging up Pokémon that the player doesn't own.
  • Performing the Fossil conversion glitch.
  • Enabling the player to walk through walls (if the 62nd Pokémon is swapped with the 63rd).

    In Pokémon Red, Green, and Pokémon Blue (Japanese), the closed menu Select glitches perform party Pokémon switches ignoring the number of Pokémon in the party; which allows for 'simulated' expanded party switches. A similar exploit (but requiring multiple glitches) in the English versions can be achieved with map size memory corruption.

    Sometimes freezes occur when switching certain Pokémon beyond slot 6 or with a closed menu Select glitch due to the zero maximum HP glitch, in which one of the Pokémon has 0 maximum HP but over 0 current HP. This can be worked around by having a 0xFF Pokémon above the desired slot to place the 0 maximum HP Pokémon, so the game doesn't have to handle the HP (with the problem possibly caused by a division by zero when the game attempts to draw the HP bar).

    The expanded party has been banned from 151 Pokémon speedruns for both (Red/Blue and Yellow); the rational that using the glitch to obtain Pokémon wouldn't be seen as obtaining them.

    In Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal

    An expanded party can be obtained with the ????? party overloading or arbitrary code execution. It is more prone to freezes than in Generation I.

    The expanded party with specific requirements can enable the party-based map distortion glitch found by werster and RingRush.

    Additionally, it is possible to cause limited memory corruption by swapping the moves of party Pokémon beyond slot 6 using the "move" option.

    In Pokémon Emerald

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    The expanded party can be accessed indirectly with Glitzer Popping, directly through the News Reporter trick (itself currently requiring Glitzer Popping), and possibly both directly and indirectly through arbitrary code execution.

    Other names

  • Pokédos Cartouche (or Poké-dos Cartouche).
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