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(hex:6E) is a glitch item in Pokémon Yellow. Its name is taken from the unused string シルバー (Silver) which was left untranslated from the Japanese versions, resulting in mojibake.

After a short delay, using this glitch item will allow the player to partially escape from a wild Pokémon battle, much like #-g##m#. It will also corrupt the player's movement and make the walking Pikachu stay (useful for Pikachu off-screen glitch).

It can also be used to restart a Trainer battle or an instant/scripted encounter, as was documented by Paco81.

Furthermore, it can be used for running glitch 0xC109 ID scripts.

This glitch item (Lg#-) is also where the glitch LOL glitch (discovered by luckytyphlosion) got its name.


Other than obtaining it from the expanded items pack, an Lg#- can be obtained by encountering an p PkMnp' ' (C2) using an instant encounter glitch, such as the Trainer escape glitch with a Special stat of 194 and a Super Rod (hex:4E) in the fifth position of the inventory.

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