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Japanese font leftovers and related errors

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Reason given: Document more effects of it. Can a Glitch Pokémon evolve if its sprite and name are "stable" enough? Are there many glitch cries available for Glitch Pokémon? List Glitch Type Sprites that could cause interesting effects. Study the causes and effects of the corruption of the PC Pokémon Selection in Fr/Lg. Test again the effect of Pokédex entries of Glitch Pokémon.

Bulbapedia also has an article about .
Some of the Pokémon games have leftover Japanese text.


  • The international Generation I/II Pokémon games have leftover Japanese characters, which are usually scaled kana only used as modifiers (of both the syllabry hiragana and katakana); as a type of mora, although no yōon. As most English characters start at 0x80, it is assumed the earlier characters like these were simply left unused
  • Sounds: The characters include the scaled hiragana ぁ (a), ぃ (i), ぅ (u), ぇ (e), ぉ (o) and the scaled katakana equivalents of a; u; e (ァ, ゥ, ェ) with the same respective, phonetic sounds; The character ど also appears. It can be seen when attempting to view a corrupted party (see also expanded party) in Generation II.
  • Markers: A nakaguro/中黒 (or "・") can be found in the localizations unused. It may be used to separate two words (this is especially done in foreign names with no available kanji) as the Japanese language usually does not uses spaces in everyday script
  • In Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal, the in-battle (adjusted elsewhere) ellipsis still uses a floating Japanese style ellipsis (…); which may be written floating in the middle rather than at the bottom. (unlike ...)Pokémon Crystal disassembly
  • Pokémon Diamond and Pearl have a leftover ("欠番") graphics tile, but this may be in no relation to the actual けつばん (MissingNo.), although probably in reference to a superstition, about unlucky numbersIIMarckus
  • Mojibake can occasionally be found in the games; also known as 'garbled text', as the game does not support the font and attempts to print the text, but uses the wrong encoding
  • The こうげき ("attack") control character remains in the English version
  • Error codes can be printed but were not translated in Generation II so appear malformed
  • The Unused Japanese list strings (Generation I)
  • Mobile System GB texts and Mobile System GB error traps which remained in the English version
  • The Generation II unused trades data's nicknames/OTs is affected by this issue
  • Forums user Blaziken257 noted somewhere about Japanese quotation marks (either the「」and/or 『』 pairs) being carried over to Generation II in-game
  • According to the Coin Case glitch article, the glitch was because of an unchanged control character (0x57), which while functions correctly for the Japanese version, does not for English version
  • The Legendary Beasts incomplete OT check occurs as the game only checks the first five characters of the player OT (as the Japanese version only expects up to five character long OTs, player OTs in other languages can have name strings longer than this)


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